I’m a fan of tools that help me rearrange my battered body after hard training — especially jiu jitsu.  My back, ribs and neck often get completely torqued after a hard rolling session.  While my various stretching tools (like the inversion table,) foam roller and other trigger point therapy tools work great, I was really hooking for something that could give me the leverage and pinpoint force-application I was looking for, especially around my scapula and lower back.

This tool simply does not disappoint.  There are dozens of trigger points and positions that this device lets you access and modulate pressure to your un/comfort.

It’s fantastic on the feet, lower back, getting under those ridge muscles around your traps and given the different shapes and angles of the knobs, you get really pinpoint pressure.

For about $30, it’s a fantastic addition to my toolchest.

HIGHLY recommended.  Available here or from Amazon.com

You can find the “manual” here.