Purchase and Review: Tycoon Percussion Roundback Cajon

Posted: 27th September 2010 by beakerbuys-admin in Musical Instruments

I have played many instruments, wind and string, but have always loved percussion.  I’m not coordinated to play a typical drum set but I could always bang out reasonably good rhythms on djembes, congos, bongos and the like.

When I was in Vegas at Black Hat/Defcon, I attended a party at the Hard Rock that included two guitarists and a guy sitting on what looked like a rectangular box.  He was leaning backwards and hitting the front of it, like one might play a hand drum.  It had quite an amazing dynamic range for a box with a hole in it and looked like a lot of fun to play.

When the “band” took a break and others jumped in to sub, so did I.

Turns out this instrument was called a Cajon.  I didn’t know anything about them until that point in time but rapidly fell in love with the tonality and simplicity of the instrument.  I played for about 3 hours on that little box that night and although I managed to turn my fingers into swollen sausages, it was an awesome experience.

A couple of days ago I went to my local percussion store and they had several Cajons to choose from.

I picked up a Tycoon Percussion Roundback Model 29 Cajon.  The one I have has a gorgeously deep black front panel.  It’s rounded back (as opposed to squared-off) adds to the low end bass response.  It’s quite a bit deeper than the ones I tried without it.  It has guitar strings threaded/strung internally that are tuneable — these allow for a tympanic or snare sound to be tuned in/out.  Further, one can even add bells to it.

This is an all wood version.  They make versions with metal fronts, also.

It’s a great instrument.  I’m having a lot of fun with it and look forward to playing with the tuning.

I’m looking forward to jamming on it for a while and then seeing about some other styles/sounds with other versions.