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I’m a fan of tools that help me rearrange my battered body after hard training — especially jiu jitsu.  My back, ribs and neck often get completely torqued after a hard rolling session.  While my various stretching tools (like the inversion table,) foam roller and other trigger point therapy tools work great, I was really […]

I workout and engage in combat sports. I hurt. ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  TI band, lower back, neck, shoulders, hams, calves…you name it. I have an inversion table (which helps,) a squat rack/pullup-station I hang from (which helps) and an awesome chiropractor. However, this simple variation on the foam roller concept is the single best […]

I’m on a bit of a quest. I want to collect as much data on how my body performs and reacts to the world around it so I’m building my own bio-connected Internet of Things. I’m going to try and use as much unobtrusive technology as I can muster/afford to collect and process useful data […]

So I know what you’re thinking…Beaker spent nearly $200 on bags…full of sand… It’s a natural reaction, but let me explain why these sandbags are much more than just dufflebags with sand inside and why I bought them. I do a lot of different workout routines; some are very basic and are bodyweight-only, while others […]

I’m a sucker for anything that lets me collect and analyze biodata — data about my body; nutrition, sleep, HR, etc. Today the Withings WiScale showed up and the entire family was excited to see it unboxed and put to the test. It’s an Apple-inspired design, well made and packaged. Setup was relatively simple: Connect […]