Purchase & Review: Vibram Fivefingers “Anti-Shoes”

Posted: 26th September 2010 by beakerbuys-admin in Apparel, Shoes

So simple, yet so awesome. Vibram Fivefingers. About as close to barefoot as you can get.

A couple of months agos after my continued quest for shoes that fit and the orthotic inserts that would make them fit better, I ran into my friend Dan at Black Hat. He was wearing his Vibram Fivefingers.  They looked a little dorky but he swore they were comfortable and really changed the way he walked — and by doing so eased many of the same symptoms I complained about.

So a month ago I went into City Sports in Cambridge and bought two pairs — the KSO’s and the new Bikilas.

The short of it is this:

  1. The first couple of times you try to put them on, you’ll do it wrong.
  2. The next couple of times, you try to put them on, you’ll do it better, but it’ll still take 10 minutes.
  3. These things take some getting used to. They shorten your stride and make you walk/run differently.
  4. You’ll use muscles you haven’t in a long time
  5. You’ll experience walking/running in ways you haven’t since you were about 4
  6. You’ll enjoy walking/running again
  7. People will stare
  8. People will constantly ask you questions, most noticeably “are those comfortable?”
  9. You’ll likely struggle with wearing normal shoes again
  10. You’ll buy more of them and different styles
  11. You’ll invest in Injinji socks

I don’t wear normal shoes unless I have to, which is rare.  I’ve worn them exclusively for a month and walked around in urban environments, rural environments and tradeshows.  My feet, back, knees and calves no longer hurt.  I love these things.

I workout/train in them. I wear them everywhere. I have no idea what I will do in the cold other than purchase heavier socks and/or different styles.

It seems I’ve inspired many people to try them.  Not one of them has complained once they’ve fallen in love with them.

You probably will too.

My Biklias, by the way, which are meant for “running,” suffered a defect.  They started delaminating. I took ’em back and exchanged them for another pair of KSO’s.  I’ve ordered a pair of the KSO Treks already.

See what you think.


  1. CR says:

    I know the inventor. He is very innovative. The socks are awesome. Haven’t tried the shoes.

  2. Evilcartman says:

    How about a review of the Injinjis? The comments about them on Amazon are rather mixed.