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I was a little worried about posting the purchase and review of this amazing coffee for three reasons: I didn’t actually purchase this particular coffee initially; my friend works at George Howell Terroir coffee and let me try a sample he made so I can tell what I like.  I like this a lot. I […]

Purchase and Review: Tycoon Percussion Roundback Cajon

Posted: 27th September 2010 by beakerbuys-admin in Musical Instruments

I have played many instruments, wind and string, but have always loved percussion.  I’m not coordinated to play a typical drum set but I could always bang out reasonably good rhythms on djembes, congos, bongos and the like. When I was in Vegas at Black Hat/Defcon, I attended a party at the Hard Rock that […]

Purchase & Review: Vibram Fivefingers “Anti-Shoes”

Posted: 26th September 2010 by beakerbuys-admin in Apparel, Shoes

So simple, yet so awesome. Vibram Fivefingers. About as close to barefoot as you can get. A couple of months agos after my continued quest for shoes that fit and the orthotic inserts that would make them fit better, I ran into my friend Dan at Black Hat. He was wearing his Vibram Fivefingers.  They […]

I workout and engage in combat sports. I hurt. ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  TI band, lower back, neck, shoulders, hams, calves…you name it. I have an inversion table (which helps,) a squat rack/pullup-station I hang from (which helps) and an awesome chiropractor. However, this simple variation on the foam roller concept is the single best […]

I travel a lot. I have many watches, most of which I don’t wear anymore. I’m a huge Tag Hauer fan, but they’re just heavy chunks of metal that, frankly, don’t mesh well with the ink on my arms anymore. So instead of a watch, I depend upon my iPhone as my watch and alarm […]

Purchase & Review: Sleep To Live Bed

Posted: 4th September 2010 by beakerbuys-admin in Furniture
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After 10 faithful years of service from our Sealy Posturpedic California King, my wife and I ordered a new bed.  Thank goodness. I’m not sure I could have taken much more of that.  It was truly a horribly matched piece of furniture for those who had to endure its use. Truth be told I don’t […]