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Purchase & Review: iGrill

Posted: 8th September 2011 by beakerbuys-admin in iPhone Applications, Kitchen Appliances/Equipment

My wife got me the iGrill for my birthday. I BBQ and grill quite a lot, so having a remote thermometer that reports/interfaces remotely via Bluetooth to my iPhone/iPad sounded like a geek’s dream. Ultimately, it’s useful, fun and and easy to use.  The downside is that it’s constantly off by 10-12 degrees when measured […]

Better bouquet, better, enhanced flavors, smoother finish… That’s what the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator promises. I could prattle on incessantly using pompous words describing the delicate and subtle nuances of shoe leather and armadillo spleen I was able to detect when using this device, but I won’t. I could explain the empirical logic behind the […]

It’s summertime.  What’s better than enjoying a popsicle on hot day after playing outside?  Enjoying a popsicle that you just make in seven minutes, made of fruit that doesn’t contain 47 chemicals or high fructose corn syrup, that’s what. We purchased the Zoku on a whim at Brookstone.  It lets you make three popsicles in […]