I was a little worried about posting the purchase and review of this amazing coffee for three reasons:

  1. I didn’t actually purchase this particular coffee initially; my friend works at George Howell Terroir coffee and let me try a sample he made so I can tell what I like.  I like this a lot. I ended up buying this and a few others from a local store when he turned me on to it.
  2. I’m a huge coffee consumer (see the Hoffacino) but I’m not qualified to review a coffee the likes of which a somelier might review wine
  3. Coffee often incites religious wars with brand loyalty.

Given the three items above, I’ll just say that every single George Howell coffee I have tasted (both hot or cold) has been an eye-opener, both literally and figuratively. George and his coffees are legendary.  I’m lucky because Terroir Coffee is based in the town next door to mine, so I can get it easily…though so can you through his website.

Terroir coffees are definitely the best I’ve ever had and at this point the Ademe Bedane from Ethiopia is my favorite.

From George’s site, you can find out more, but here’s the skinny:

Creamy delicately perfumed candy-lemon and mellow apricot enfolded within a rich milk-chocolate base. This coffee comes from the Sidamo region adjacent to Yirgacheffe and it rivals the finest coffees from that more famous region. At least this one does – easily.

$15 for 12 ounces. Worth it.